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Founded in 2004, Alamid Ltd offers its corporate and institutional partners high quality access to travel and hospitality services. While offering hosted IT infrastructure, we are proud that our platform able to process thousands travelers a day.

Our suite of award-winning services and comprehensive, unrivalled integration capabilities with third party systems provide complete touristic workflow processing solutions to hundreds of clients worldwide, mostly in our dedicated destination - Russia.

The Alamid management team is comprised of experienced professionals with unrivalled expertise in financial services, e-commerce and touristic business.

Alamid IT solutions enable our partners, including agencies and operators of all levels, to deliver cost-effective, comprehensive touristic solutions to their own customers through an exclusive, branded channel.

Alamid hosted IT infrastructure frees our clients from technical and document processing issues, as no software or additional equipment required.

  • Alamid complete web-based solution for agencies offers lightweight web user interface
  • Access to a secure, high perfomance, elastic architecture, available over public and private networks.
  • Reliable support services (easy set-up, connectivitly monitoring, data protection, 24x7 support, automatic upgrades)
  • Customizable and flexible on-line booking
  • Ability to quickly and economically add new features to meet increasing market requirements
  • 2-click on-line booking
  • Complete on-line tour control and statistics
  • Comprehensive, flexible reporting services